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January 2019 Archives

Do student loan borrowers need debt relief?

Debt involves so much more than simply owing money. For many people in Connecticut, debt is a source of frequent worry and an obstacle that prevents them from moving forward in life. From enjoying little things like dinner out with friends to making big life steps such as buying a home, sometimes it simply gets to be too much. Securing the right kind of debt relief can help some of these individuals not just get a better grip on their finances, but also better enjoy their lives.

Foreclosure rates are low, but you could still be struggling

For Connecticut homeowners, there may be few things more terrifying than the prospect of losing their home. However, recent data indicates that homeowners across the nation may be better equipped to handle their current mortgages and are overall less likely to end up in foreclosure . Delinquency rates -- which include foreclosure -- recently hit their lowest point since 2001.

Personal bankruptcy rates are on the decline, but why?

Filing for bankruptcy is often the most effective way for struggling Connecticut consumers to deal with their overwhelming debt. Despite this, fewer people are pursuing personal bankruptcy than just a handful of years ago. Experts have a few ideas as to why this is, including things like improved health care coverage and the costs associated with filing.

Personal bankruptcy an option for people with over-due car loans

Debt can be a significant burden for Connecticut consumers who can no longer manage their obligations and make payments on time. For many, a significant portion of their debt burden is a result of auto and other similar personal loans. When a person is no longer able to make payments and is struggling with the consequences of overdue debt, personal bankruptcy may be an option by which he or she can discharge the debt and secure a better financial future.

Can I get out of foreclosure without filing bankruptcy?

Virtually no one plans to fall behind on their mortgage, and learning that you may lose your home because you did can be devastating. While bankruptcy is a valid choice for Connecticut homeowners who hope to stop foreclosure, it is not the only option at their disposal. Loan modifications and short sales can keep you from dealing with foreclosure without going down the bankruptcy path. 

Drowning in medical bills? Personal bankruptcy could help

Having health insurance is an important part of being able to access and afford necessary medical care. Unfortunately, it is not always enough. For some people in Connecticut, health insurance policies still leave gaps that leave them burdened with so much medical debt that filing for personal bankruptcy is the only option.

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