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Could debt management increase your foreclosure risk?

Methods for dealing with debt are a popular topic of discussion on the internet. While some of these methods might be appropriate for a select group of people, they could be putting many others at risk for falling even deeper into debt than before. Home equity borrowing is especially troublesome as it can increase the risk of foreclosure for Connecticut homeowners.

Home foreclosure rates reach 20-year low

Owning a home can come with any number of emotions, from joy about being free of landlords to frustration over dealing with unexpected home repairs. However, one emotion most people in Connecticut probably hope to never face is despair over home foreclosure. Luckily, foreclosures are happening far less frequently than they have in recent years.

Federal grand jury charges 11 for foreclosure help scams

The prospect of losing a home might feel like too much to bear for some Connecticut homeowners. However, foreclosure is not always a given. Many homeowners find success by negotiating with their lenders to modify their loans, and some can even benefit from methods such as short sales. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that try to take advantage of homeowners who are going through difficult periods in their lives.

Foreclosure rates are low, but you could still be struggling

For Connecticut homeowners, there may be few things more terrifying than the prospect of losing their home. However, recent data indicates that homeowners across the nation may be better equipped to handle their current mortgages and are overall less likely to end up in foreclosure . Delinquency rates -- which include foreclosure -- recently hit their lowest point since 2001.

Can your neighborhood type predict your foreclosure risk?

Most people in Connecticut will experience a financial emergency at least once in their lives. Whether a financial crisis leads to foreclosure can depend on a variety of factors, including a person's other debts, income and even savings. Some researchers say that the type of neighborhood a person lives in could also affect one's risk of losing a home to foreclosure.

What happens during a foreclosure?

Buying a home is a momentous achievement for which many people in Connecticut strive. Upon reaching the level of home ownership, few people ever expect to leave their homes. Unfortunately, financial troubles can complicate even the best-laid plans. Foreclosure is a legal tool that mortgage holders can use to kick out property owners who are behind on their payments, and to subsequently sell the property to recover financial losses.

Facing foreclosure: Assistance and guidance is available

Purchasing a home is a goal of many Connecticut residents, and one that often takes years of planning and sacrifice to achieve. Faced with losing a home through foreclosure, many people go through a great deal of stress. It's important to understand that there is help available. Choosing the right path out of financial turmoil is important and can make all the difference between success and failure.

Distressed homeowners should be wary of foreclosure scams

Purchasing a home is an achievement that many Connecticut residents cherish. For some, a home purchase is the culmination of years of planning, and the end result is a property where children are raised, milestones are reached and memories are built. When financial troubles arise, the risk of losing their home to foreclosure can lead people to do many things that they might otherwise avoid. That can leave them at risk of scams, of which there are many.

Company penalized for consumer foreclosure actions

When an individual or a family is faced with serious financial problems, few things are more stressful than the risk of losing their home. In many cases, home ownership was a long-held goal, and achieving that goal was a significant source of pride, and a realization of the American Dream for Connecticut residents. When it appears that foreclosure is imminent, many people will go to great lengths to avoid that outcome. Unfortunately, that leaves them vulnerable to a number of questionable business actions in addition to downright scams.

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