Same Sex Married Couples May File Bankruptcy Jointly, Now that DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional

When you need a business service from someone and that service requires you to explain personal details about your life, it can feel invasive. So, when we made the decision to file for bankruptcy we knew that there would be a lot of questions asked. We were referred to Tim by an acquaintance. During our first phone call to his office I explained that “my wife and I” wanted to file for bankruptcy. At our first appointment, neither Tim nor his staff ever once showed the remotest level of discomfort in working with us.

When Tim informed us that because federal law did not recognize same sex marriages, we would have to file bankruptcy separately, it was very disappointing. You never get used to hearing that there are laws that expressly prohibit the acknowledgement of your marriage. Then, thanks to the efforts of countless people in our community, while we were going through the process of filing, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was declared unconstitutional. I remember this day well because Tim sent us an email the day it was overturned saying that it was likely that we would be able to file as a married couple. We will remain grateful to Tim for making a difficult process easier by being a thoughtful person and always respectful.

Bottom line about Tim is that he reminds us that people change way before laws do.

Grateful clients, 2014