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At Ambrogio, Pletter & Associates, LLC, located in Stratford, Connecticut, we’ve dedicated the majority of our practice and resources to bankruptcy law. Our experience and knowledge have helped thousands of clients over the years, and it can help you, too.

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Our Areas Of Practice

  • Do I need to file bankruptcy? — If you can no longer afford your mortgage payment, credit card bill or medical bill, or other expenses, bankruptcy may be the best way to regain your financial footing. Bankruptcy may even help eliminate certain tax debts. Tim Pletter can evaluate your financial situation and help you decide whether filing bankruptcy makes sense for you. He can also discuss a wide range of other bankruptcy issues such as bankruptcy and divorce.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, individuals seek to discharge debt. In order to obtain a discharge, individuals must qualify under the means test, among other requirements.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as “wage earner’s” bankruptcy, is designed for those who are able to repay certain debts over a three- to five-year period.
  • Foreclosure — We can review all of the options that you have to save your home, including a loan modification, deed in lieu of foreclosure or short sale. We have substantial experience with Connecticut’s foreclosure mediation program.
  • Creditor harassment — Upon filing bankruptcy, all contacts and harassment from creditors must stop. Any further contacts on their part are illegal and may be subject to fines and other consequences.
  • Car repossession — Filing bankruptcy will temporarily halt collections and car repossession actions on the part of creditors. Filing bankruptcy may allow you to catch up on payments and get your car back!
  • Wage garnishments — If wage garnishments are threatening your financial stability, we can explain options to lower the garnishment amount or, perhaps, to stop the garnishment altogether.
  • Credit card debt settlement agreements — We explain the relative advantages and disadvantages of entering into a private repayment agreement with credit card companies compared to filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Life after bankruptcy — A number of questions and concerns arise about the consequences of filing bankruptcy. Our attorneys can discuss how you can rebuild your life and credit, manage your finances and avoid falling back into debt.

Other Areas Of Practice

In addition to our bankruptcy practice, we help individuals and families in Stratford, Bridgeport and the surrounding areas with a variety of legal needs, including:

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