Hello Atty Pletter,

I just wanted to say I received the discharge paperwork and I wanted to thank you for all of your help and making this unfortunate situation a little bit easier for me to handle. I appreciate your patience with me.

Again, Thank you and I don’t know how I would have gotten through this without your kindness.

Thank you,


Hamden, CT

Hi Tim,

It was nice meeting and speaking with you today. As I’m sure you can imagine, it wasn’t an easy conversation to have, but I left your office feeling a sense of relief for the first time in many years.

Thank you,


Norwalk, CT


Thank you for everything!! I can’t thank you enough and I will refer anyone else if they find themselves in need of a great attorney and moreover a good man.

Warm regards,

JP, Stamford

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for assisting us with our bankruptcy. It was a tough decision for us to make, but we know we will be better off in the long run. You and your team were very accommodating which made the whole process for us a lot easier than expected. We hope you had a great holiday and a very happy new year.


Hi Tim,

Things have been going very well since you helped us with loan modification, which was a lifesaver, and we will be forever indebted to you! It’s amazing we’ve just completed 5 years (has it really been that long ago?!). Our rate went up from the original 2% to 3% last month (and we’re due to top out next year at 4%) but that’s still manageable. Because we were never late and never missed a payment in the 5-year period, we qualified for the HAMP $5,000 “pay for success” forgiveness bonus off of our mortgage.

Many thanks to you! If you’ve helped others like us, you can’t imagine how much you have helped change people’s lives for the better.

Many thanks and best wishes to you and your family for the holiday and New Year in 2017.

Thanks, Tim!

Cheers, H. & S. D.

Tim helped me sell my condo through a short sale. I needed to know what was going on at all times and Tim, thankfully, talked me through the whole process. Thankful to have had his help!

Timothy Pletter helped me with my bankruptcy case. He was very kind and patient and his staff was very accommodating as well. I would recommend him to anyone who has to file bankruptcy.

This process was new and scary to us but Mr. Pletter was very thorough with going over everything. Whenever we had a question, he would respond very quickly.

I want to truly thank you and Samantha for everything! You have made a horrible experience almost painless! I have my credit score up to 715 already with a (non-secured) credit card. I have been and will continue to recommend you to anyone struggling financially!

R. & J. C., Bridgeport

Attorney Pletter was professional and understanding during a very difficult time. He kept me posted on every step of the case and he never hesitated to answer my questions or return my calls to ease my mind. I highly recommend Attorney Pletter.


I must applaud Tim and his Assistant, Samantha, they were great through the bankruptcy process! Tim prepared us for all questions and made the entire process painless. We will gladly refer Tim to friends and family that need legal help without hesitation. Thanks Tim & Samantha!! We are off to a fresh start!!

I turned to Tim Pletter for advice when I was opening my own business in 2014. He guided me through the options and took care of the paperwork quickly. He also recommended an excellent accountant to answer my financial questions. I have since used Tim for personal advice on a probate estate. I would recommend Tim Pletter without hesitation.

DB, Trumbull

Tim goes above and beyond and he’s always available. He examined our situation, gave us tons of helpful recommendations to strengthen our case, and it paid off! Hope to never be in this position again, but if we are, we will definitely call Tim. He is also a relatable guy that you want to add to your contacts list.

Dear Tim & Staff,

Just a note of “thanks” for your professionalism and hard work in helping us through our bankruptcy process. We are very happy with the outcome and are anxious to move forward with a better knowledge and understanding of financial management. We’d also like to congratulate you on making “The Best of Fairfield County” 2016 list of professionals. That’s wonderful! Thank you again and have a nice summer!’

With Gratitude,

L & S

Timothy Pletter was referred to me at a very difficult time in my life! I am extremely grateful to him and his staff for all the help, knowledge and kindness I received! Timothy made an extremely painful and confusing time very manageable! His confidence and wealth of knowledge leads you through the awful time of foreclosure with ease and a sense of peace. No one ever wants to lose their home but when an attorney can step in, advise you, educate you and give you options there is a great sense of relief. Timothy Pletter is a wonderful attorney and the best to have represent you!


Dear Mr. Pletter I am writing to thank you for all of your help in my foreclosure proceeding. Your efforts and counsel helped me to stay in my home. I genuinely appreciate your candor and support in such a difficult time. I will surely refer you to anyone I know needing assistance in such matters.


KJ, Bridgeport


I’m so grateful to you and all your hard work! You have had such a huge impact on my life! Losing my home stinks but you’ve guided me and helped me understand things and make difficult decisions. With all your help my daughter has 1 year of school taken care of and I am picking up a much needed new car today! The icing on the cake is we have the holidays in our home and I have another 6 months to regroup and save. So I really hope you have a wonderful new year with your family, because you’ve made mine!

Grateful Client, Fairfield

My husband and I recently had to make the tough decision of filing bankruptcy.

We own a small business which got hit hard from the hurricanes and winter storms like everyone else in our area. I spent years fighting with Bank of America trying to modify our mortgage. They refused to help us because we paid our mortgage every month. So we decided to short sell. But after 2 yrs of attempting to short sell (got 4 offers, but Bank of America did nothing for months and each buyer eventually moved on), we had enough and went to Attorney Pletter for help.

We spent our adult life getting our credit scores over 750 and now we were opting to foreclose on our first home. We walked into Attorney Tim Pletter’s office for the first time last year feeling ashamed, embarrassed, depressed, nervous and were probably at the worst point our marriage could get.

When we left his office we felt HOPEFUL for the first time in YEARS. Tim was very straightforward. He didn’t sugarcoat the situation and got us to focus on what was most important and showed us how to handle each issue.

He made sure our choices didn’t force us to lose our business. He was patient with our own marital misunderstandings and communication faults. And he helped us get our life back. We foreclosed on our home in November and are already experiencing an entirely new life-including a stronger marriage and positive relationship with money. There is no way we could possibly be where we are today if it wasn’t for Tim, Samantha and Donna.

I obviously recommend Attorney Pletter 100%

Mr. & Mrs. S, Orange


I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with this. I just checked my credit score and it is on the rise and I am so happy! I’ll be able to refinance my car at a much lower interest rate and rebuild and all will eventually be right again. I have worried about this for 4 years now and had no way out of it until you took my case so a huge THANK YOU!!! You help a lot of people out and that shows a lot of your character. I’d recommend you anytime. Wishing you a wonderful summer!



I owe you a big thank you for your good services and the professional way you handled my various situations. You also gave me sound advice which I sincerely appreciate since I do not have anyone whom I can confide in. As you know, I was really standing at the edge of an abyss and with your guidance and cool handling you saved me from having to leave my home.

Best regards to you and Samantha, who was always helpful and friendly.

Client, Stratford

Attorney Pletter,

I wanted to send this letter as an acknowledgment of my appreciation of you and your law firm. You, as well as your staff, Samantha and Donna; were congenial, knowledgeable, and professional. You were able to determine from my financial situation that a bankruptcy was needed and after looking at the amount of unsecured debt I had been struggling with, we filed chapter 7 bankruptcy.

You provided direction, guidance, and counseling during a much needed time.

As I’m sure you are well aware bankruptcies are a delicate subject and often times quite embarrassing, I never felt humiliated dealing with you. While I struggled within myself with feelings of shame and distress, I was assured by you that “things happen; you’re not the only one.” This was paramount in calming and reassuring me during such a stressful time. Thank you for your professionalism, your expertise, your understanding, your time and your patience.

I recommend you to anyone going through financial difficulty as I have been.

I sincerely appreciate having worked with you and your law firm,

RC, Milford

Thanks, Tim!

The year 2015 has started off surprisingly well for me.

Mostly because of your help! I know that without your good services, I would not have received approval of my loan modification. You understood my situation and your advice was invaluable. You handled my needs very professionally and you kept on top of getting the Bank to act. I appreciate that you appeared with me and supported me at the various Mediation Meetings.

To say thank you is not enough! I will recommend your good services to anyone I know now and in the future.


Hi Tim,

I received the copy of the decision of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court that you sent me indicating that I’m discharged from all the debts I have listed in my Chapter 7.

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for the exceptional service you provided as my lawyer for my bankruptcy case. Thank you very much for your timely responses whenever I had questions about the case. You go beyond your working hours just to answer my questions and I believe that kind of service is what makes you stand out as a bankruptcy lawyer. It shows that you care for your clients and you know that answering their questions any time of the day will help them keep their peace of mind as they go through one of the most stressful situations that life has thrown at them.

I’m so glad that Nolo.com led me to your office. Your outstanding record of excellence on bankruptcy at an affordable price has really been a blessing to me. Thank you for guiding me throughout the entire course and for giving me peace of mind with your confident answers. It really helped me lessen my worries during the filing.

Thank you for making me one of your clients who gets to see the light at the end of the tunnel and for helping me start fresh again. I will definitely take advantage of this to better my financial situation in the future.

Sincerely, MQ

Attorney Pletter was both informative and attentive during my process of filing for personal bankruptcy in late 2013. It was a difficult and sad chapter in my life and he made me realize that in my case this was a sound and solid next step for me to take in order for me to recover and move on with my life. His office returned my calls and emails promptly when I had questions regarding each phase of the process. I would highly recommend Attorney Pletter.

LA, Darien

One of the most difficult and stressful times in my life was when I had to go through a foreclosure and a bankruptcy following my divorce. With Attorney Pletter’s guidance, I was able to get my life back in order. Attorney Pletter was extremely attentive. He was always very easy to reach and answered all of my questions. I absolutely recommend Attorney Pletter.

Polly, Shelton

I used Attorney Pletter when I had to file for bankruptcy after a divorce. I could not have been more satisfied with my choice. This was a very emotional decision for me. Once I decided to proceed, his knowledge and attention to detail made the entire process easier. I am thankful to have found such a professional and understanding attorney.

-KW, Milford

Tim Pletter handled the legal matters for my parents who do not speak English….he was patient, professional, understanding and helpful in every aspect. His staff responded to every question timely and professionally. He was there for us every step of the way……

-AF, Stamford

Timothy Pletter handled my legal matter with the utmost caring and professionalism. I was able to reach him any time I had a question or concern. He treated me like a member of the family and made a difficult situation go very smoothly. I recommend him 100%.

-TM, West Haven

After my divorce, I started looking for a lawyer when I realized bankruptcy may be my only option. I first looked at a large law firm in New Haven. After meeting with them for a half hour, I felt like “just another client”. I was hurried through an interview of sorts, and left feeling like I bared my soul to someone who look at me like a number not a person. I left despondent.

I started googling lawyers in the Milford Area. I found Timothy Pletter. I made an appointment and met with him, not an assistant, not an intern, not a paralegal, actually him. At no point did I feel like I was just a number. I felt like a human being and I was able to leave his office with my dignity intact. This feeling of respect never changed throughout the process. I am not necessarily happy but definitely relieved to be just finished with this bankruptcy. I would strongly recommend Tim Pletter to anyone going through this humbling process. His support made it possible to get through this.

-BB, Orange

There is NO ONE else that I’d trust to help me with such a difficult decision. Tim is a professional and goes the extra mile for his clients. He never promised anything that couldn’t be delivered and was there along every step of the way. I should have gone to Tim first and not wasted my time with other attorneys.

-VM, Stratford


Just had to take this time out to thank you for your input…We received the notarized package from BAC congratulating us on successfully completing the Making Home Affordable Loan Modification.. Enclosed was a signed permanent loan modification agreement. This has been a 5 year trek….Between good advice & our Faith we have finally reached our goal!

Thanks again,

-G & H, Norwalk

When you need a business service from someone and that service requires you to explain personal details about your life, it can feel invasive. So, when we made the decision to file for bankruptcy we knew that there would be a lot of questions asked. We were referred to Tim by an acquaintance. During our first phone call to his office I explained that “my wife and I” wanted to file for bankruptcy. At our first appointment, neither Tim nor his staff ever once showed the remotest level of discomfort in working with us.

When Tim informed us that because federal law did not recognize same sex marriages, we would have to file bankruptcy separately, it was very disappointing. You never get used to hearing that there are laws that expressly prohibit the acknowledgement of your marriage. Then, thanks to the efforts of countless people in our community, while we were going through the process of filing, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was declared unconstitutional. I remember this day well because Tim sent us an email the day it was overturned saying that it was likely that we would be able to file as a married couple. We will remain grateful to Tim for making a difficult process easier by being a thoughtful person and always respectful.

Bottom line about Tim is that he reminds us that people change way before laws do.

-Grateful Clients

Dear Tim: I can only begin to thank you for all of your help. Your assistant broke the news to me on the way to my parents’ house, so there were good feelings all around. Since then, my fiancé has added me an authorized signer to a couple of cards, establishing some credit So far, I have been keeping in budget, even with the holidays coming up. It is truly a wonderful feeling knowing that my finances are finally going to be able to move along in positive parallel to my life purpose and value system. Your professionalism and the professionalism of your office is something all organizations should aspire toward. Your expertise helped me to feel well-guided and educated. I will certainly refer anyone who may need difficult financial advice to you. Please be well, and have a safe and happy holiday season. For me, this will be the first one in some time, where I will not be looking in the rearview mirror come January.

Best Wishes,

DL, West Haven

Dear Tim,

You were a tremendous help and calming force during a very difficult time in my life. Your knowledge and expertise through the process was excellent. I have to admit though that your kindness and calm demeanor was a welcomed surprise that I personally found to be most helpful.


KW, Stratford

Timothy Pletter handled my legal matter with the utmost caring and professionalism. I was able to reach him any time I had a question or concern. He treated me like a member of the family and made a difficult situation go very smoothly. I recommend him 100%.

-Trisha M, West Haven

Hello Tim, I really appreciate your time and advice, I really felt it was genuine! You also made me feel very comfortable. It is not easy being in this situation, it is embarrassing and nerve racking, and you made me feel at ease. Thanks again.

-Jennifer, Bridgeport

Hi Tim,

We received our discharged letter yesterday and just wanted to thank you again!!!!!!! You made the process so easy and you were a pleasure to work with. We truly appreciate all of your help.

Many thanks,


Thank you, Tim to you and your staff for all your help and for making the process quick and easy. We look forward to continuing working with your firm.


P & L, Stratford

Dear Tim, Erin & Donna:

My Husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Tim, for helping us through the most financially difficult time in our lives. When considering filing for bankruptcy, getting past the embarrassment and shame was, alone, mentally exhausting. After our first meeting with you, Tim, your gentle way of explaining the process helped calm the situation we were about to face. As you began to put things in perspective, we grew a greater understanding that this is what we needed to do at this point in our lives. Every question we had was answered quickly and efficiently by all of you. Once we obtained our discharge, we were so relieved.

We appreciate all you have done for us. We all take something out of life’s experiences and always hope to get something positive out of it. With this learned experience, we will make sure we stay dedicated to responsible spending. Tim, we can’t possibly thank you enough.

Respectfully yours,

Jill & Dominick

Dear Attorney Pletter,

Had I not connected with you back in September I would have surely been in a state of despair right about now. Since I last met with you, I have been at ease knowing I made the right decision in hiring you to represent me. I did in fact see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Warm regards,

DJ, Bridgeport

Dear Attorney Pletter,

Well it is finally finished. I’m sure that you are glad to close this file and I am very happy that I don’t have to think about this anymore. Please extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jennifer and all your staff for pulling together all that was necessary for us to reach the final outcome of my goal.

It was my pleasure and good fortune to work with all of you.

Most Sincerely,


Dear Tim,

I can’t express to you the full extent of my appreciation for all you did here for me. With great relief, I will always be grateful! Thank you for being not only a wonderful Attorney but also for being a great guy!



Attorney Pletter

I would like to thank you for getting me through my bankruptcy. You have changed my life for the better and everything is going well.

Thank You, DW

Dear Attorney Pletter,

I just want to let you know how grateful we are that we found an honest lawyer. Thank you for working as much as you can to ease our burden.

I will be writing a letter to our old attorney who kept putting off our case that jeopardized the dead line on settling.

From the bottom of our heart, thank you so much!

J & S


Sharon & I wanted to thank you for shepherding us through our recent legal procedure.

We realize that the scale of our income was a bit outside of what you usually work with. Your patience in fielding our questions and concerns as well as your advice on presenting our application were most appreciated.

Now that we have received our discharge, we are looking forward to setting our financial house in order and getting on with our lives. We know that we would not have had this opportunity without your assistance. Saying “thank you” does not seem enough, but in this case it’s very heartfelt.

We wish you and your staff only the best for 2010 and in the years to come.


S & S

Dear Mr. Pletter,

In today’s society I know that many Law Firms have become very cold and unconcerned with the emotional well being of their clients. I am very happy to have discovered that your Law Firm does not fit that description at all; I only have good things to say about my experience with doing business with you.

I had come into your office the other day, and without an appointment I may add, I was frantic about my electricity being disconnected, you took the time to listen to me, and you then asked your assistant to help me get it turned back on.

As I then began to literally fall apart in the office with your assistant, she began to share with me some of her own personal life experiences with a situation much like my own. For the first time in a long time I did not feel so alone, and even a bit of the pain I had felt in my heart had been lifted as well. This woman showed more compassion, and genuine concern for me than the people in my own family have, and I just would like to say May God Bless you every day for your kindness. People just do not take the time to reach out to people in need as often as they could, but she did and it may not have seemed like much to her, but it meant the world to me.

Mr. Pletter, you and your staff are a credit to the Law Firms in our community, and I do pray that you all will prosper, as well as find much joy in your lives.



Dear Attorney Pletter,

I would like to thank-you for all your thoughtfulness, preciseness and timely effort in helping me during and after my Chapter Seven procedures.

Just a brief update, I am enclosing the installment agreement and payments I made with the internal Revenue Services. Also, my letter of confirmation to accept my offer made to the State of Connecticut.

I am getting a secured credit card with Bank of America to start rebuilding my credit and obtaining a mutual fund of four hundred dollars for thee months as a credit rebuilder.

Again, I thank you for being a gem of an attorney.



Tim Pletter’s professionalism became obvious during my bankruptcy hearing. While I was waiting my turn, I saw other people sitting and answering the trustee’s questions and running into problems. I started to get nervous, but when it was my turn, there were no problems. This was all because of the detailed preparation of my case by Tim and his staff.

I will definitely use Tim in the future for my wills and real estate transactions.


Attorney Pletter, Donna and Office Staff:

I came in approximately 18 months ago with a financial issue wanting to file Chapter 7. I knew my case wasn’t going to be easy due to my income and credit card debt. After a couple of meetings and bringing in all the documents needed, Attorney Pletter sat down with me and came up with a game plan. After Tim explained everything to me, I knew I was in good hands. I thought my case might have been one of the most difficult to do, but it was handled very professionally and beyond my expectations.

I really appreciate all the great help. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I would trust this firm to handle anyone’s finances.

Thanks again,


Dear Tim,

We want to thank you and your staff at Ambrogio, Pletter & Associates for all your help and professional service in our bankruptcy case. Today is a great day, as you well know, as we are officially discharged from bankruptcy. It is a day of serious relief and happiness for us and a large portion of that is due to you and your staff.

You, Tim, have been a very professional but ultimately caring lawyer through the whole process which is contrary to the stereotypical shark lawyer. You took our case seriously and held back nothing. Thank you for guiding us with the best advice (and some needed humor) throughout the past few months. We really appreciate how quickly and efficiently you and your excellent staff handled our case. This helped us to feel little emotional pain, aside from the beginning shock, throughout as a result.

We are happy to say that today, we are not ashamed of filing bankruptcy and are looking forward to a credit card free future where we can save and ensure the best life for our children and ourselves.

I hope that this letter helps out other people who are sitting in your office today and in the same boat as we were just 4 months ago. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new and absolutely more responsible life for the millions of families like us across our nation.

Thank you again.

Most sincerely,

M & K


Thanks for everything. You’ve been amazing and have made all of this so effortless on my end. Deployment, divorce, moving, etc is a lot and I appreciate all of your assistance and guidance.

Thank you!


I would recommend this office with high regards. Tim and his staff went above and beyond what was expected. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Thank you again for your help.


Hi Tim, thank you for the email and the wonderful news about my loan modification! I am relieved that this situation worked out as well as it did and I am grateful for your role in making it happen. I want to thank you again for all of your help in getting this deal pushed through for me. Working with you and your team has been a pleasure.


Attorney Tim Pletter is outstanding in every way. He is intelligent, patient, understanding, and tough. He will get to the root of your problem quickly. He will provide the right solution. He will stay with you until your problem is successfully solved. Tim Pletter is the lawyer everyone needs in a pinch. Tim gets results!

HD, New Haven

Thank You Attorney Pletter for everything that you did in helping me achieve financial freedom from debt!

Best Regards and Happy 2012!!



Hi Attorney Pletter

Today I received from you my letter of “DISCHARGE OF A DEBTOR” and my elation went to the top of my head. I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my behalf. I really appreciated everything that you did for me. Presently I have no questions, but if the occasion should arise, I will not hesitate to contact you in that regard.

Once again, many thanks.


Dear Attorney Pletter and Staff

We would like to take this time to thank you for the manner in which you handled our case. If we know anyone that needs your help we will forward them to you. Once again thank you. P.S. Special thanks to Erin!

B & J L.

Dear Tim,

Thank you everything you have done for me. I am very appreciative of all of your hard work. You have a very nice way about you and are also extremely efficient! You are, I am sure, one of the best in your field. I was lucky to have found you. Good luck in your future endeavors and I wish you much success!


SV, Madison

To Attorney Pletter Sincere gratitude to a skillful, dedicated attorney and staff. Thank you for all of the great legal advice. It’s truly appreciated.

-PM, Ansonia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for all the support provided during this process. I know that my case has not been the easiest one. In this process, you and your entire staff exhibited the highest quality of professionalism. For this as well as the overall patience I am forever grateful. If in the future any of my friends or relatives ever need the bankruptcy support, I will not hesitate to refer them to your office. Thank you again!

AF, Stamford

Dear Tim,

I received the bankruptcy discharge notification today. I wanted to thank you for your representation in my case. I found you and your staff to be very knowledgeable, straight forward, calm, helpful, and courteous with regards to dealing with me and my questions. So again, thank you very much and I will be talking with you with regards to my next move.



Good day Mr. Pletter, My husband and I would like to thank you and your team for assisting us with our bankruptcy application. We appreciate the time and effort you and your staff dedicated to helping us and will recommend your services to others. We would also like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!


M & Z

Hi Tim,

I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to thank you again for last week! The hearing went very well. You were wonderful through this whole entire process!!! We cannot thank you enough! Thanks for the great news!

CD, Naugatuck