Case Results

In 2016, I obtained a third loan modification for a family in Milford. They fell behind on two previous loan modifications, which I helped them obtain, due to job losses and complications from twin preemies.

After falling into foreclosure for the third time since 2009, we participated in the Connecticut mediation program and were offered a loan modification allowing this family to save their home for a third time. The monthly payment is now affordable for them even though their income is less than before.

In 2015, I helped a family in Monroe save their home from foreclosure after the husband was in a car crash and lost the use of his legs. I was able to modify their mortgage by reducing the interest bearing principal by $67,965 and reducing the interest rate to 3.75% over a new 30 years.

In 2010, I helped a single father of 5 children save his home in Bridgeport from foreclosure by obtaining an Obama plan modification with $28,124 principal deferral and an interest rate starting at 2% over a new 40 years.

In 2016, I met a client whose Jeep had been repossessed. I got her Jeep returned and allowed her to pay the loan back through a Chapter 13 plan over 60 months.

In 2015, I helped a client pay her car loan back through a Chapter 13 plan at 5.5% interest rather than the 19% interest she had been paying. I was also successful negotiating a release of her second mortgage.

In 2011, I met a couple from Bridgeport struggling to save their multifamily home from foreclosure. The home was worth about $160,000. They owed $552,719.

They were able to pay the bank $160,000 over five years at 5.25% interest and discharge the rest of the debt.

In 2013, I was able to help a Trumbull family with annual income over $150,000 to file bankruptcy and discharge over $50,000 in credit card debt.

In 2016, I assisted a single mom from Stratford stop a wage garnishment that had been served on her employer already.

In 2014, I helped a Fairfield family, who had been through a traumatic event, stay in their home despite the pending foreclosure, until the following school year ended, so that their daughter could graduate from high school with her friends.