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February 2018 Archives

Personal bankruptcy does not prevent improved credit scores

Residents of Connecticut who have a discharged and successfully completed bankruptcy often ask how long it will take to restore their credit to a respectable level. Until that is done, it is more difficult for them to obtain credit and they will tend to be hit with higher interest rates. After a personal bankruptcy is completed, however, it will not take more than a few years or even less in some cases to get the credit score up into the 700 range.

A history of credit cards, and maybe the need for debt relief

For those in Connecticut who've been wondering about the history of consumer credit, a recently published article could shed a great deal of light on that topic. It may be hard to believe in the age of easy-access credit, but there was a time in American history when credit was extended from one party directly to the other, requiring a face-to-face transaction. In today's world, credit cards are seemingly everywhere, and consumers can expect to never lay eyes on the people who process those accounts and bills. Learning more about the history of credit can also illuminate the need for debt relief

Practical tips for effective debt management

For Connecticut consumers who are having a hard time gaining control of their debt, it's important to know that there are ways to ease those struggles. By learning and implementing practical debt management skills and tactics, consumers can not only get their debt under control, but can also build an emergency savings fund and strengthen their credit. Here are some practical tips that can make a big difference in debt control. 

Debt relief: Which bankruptcy chapter fits the circumstances?

Many Connecticut residents are struggling to keep their heads above financial waters. Some are merely experiencing minor setbacks and simply have to cut back on spending a bit to get things back on track. For others, however, additional measures might be necessary, such as exploring debt relief options, including the possibility of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Some communities have different debt management needs

A recently published article looks at the financial challenges facing low-income households, especially those of African Americans. According to the author, systemic discrimination has created significant disparities in regard to debt and wealth. For many in Connecticut, debt management is an urgent need. 

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