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May 2018 Archives

As household debt grows, debt relief becomes necessary

Debt often seems like a strange, unexplainable creature for many Connecticut consumers. While most people try to avoid taking on too much debt, many find that their balances continue to build until they reach a breaking point. Although it might feel like an impossible situation, there are many debt relief options -- including bankruptcy -- that can help consumers achieve the best possible financial future.

How to manage interest rate hikes after personal bankruptcy

One of the biggest concerns people have when filing for bankruptcy is how it will affect their credit score. Credit scores can affect many things for individuals in Connecticut, from their ability to rent an apartment to the cost of leasing vehicle. However, a recent study from LendingTree showed that while those who have filed for personal bankruptcy pay more on loans, there are certain ways to lessen the load by demonstrating positive repayment habits.

Many Americans may be struggling with debt management, data shows

Many Americans face various types of debt, from mortgages and student loans to outstanding balances on consumer credit cards. New data shows that, collectively, Americans are projected to hold an estimated $4 trillion in consumer debt by the end of this year. Connecticut residents facing debt management challenges may wish to understand these trends in order to see how their amounts owing compare to others in the country.

Generation Z has unique outlook on finance and debt management

As times change, young people face an increasingly different economy than the generations before them. The newest generation to begin entering adulthood is called Generation Z, and financial experts have identified some beliefs, challenges and strengths this generation seems to demonstrate when it comes to financial literacy and debt management. According to research on this demographic, here are a few common money mistakes and misconceptions young Connecticut residents may have.

Some credit counselors can hurt, not help debt management

What should a person do when facing seemingly insurmountable debt? For many Connecticut residents, seeking the advice of a financial adviser or credit counselor is a step in their debt management process. Those looking to bring in a professional should be aware of the difference between credit counselors who are independent or nonprofit advisers versus those who work for a financial institution. 

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