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April 2019 Archives

Home foreclosure rates reach 20-year low

Owning a home can come with any number of emotions, from joy about being free of landlords to frustration over dealing with unexpected home repairs. However, one emotion most people in Connecticut probably hope to never face is despair over home foreclosure. Luckily, foreclosures are happening far less frequently than they have in recent years.

Medical debt stands in the way of debt relief

Seeking prompt medical attention for serious illnesses and injuries is important, but many people in Connecticut might be skipping out on essential treatment. Fear of going into debt because of medical bills is a sad reality for many Americans, and for some it is unavoidable. As patients borrow more and more money to pay off medical debts, some may be in need of options for debt relief.

Personal bankruptcy -- is it your best option?

For some people, the monthly bills seem to accumulate slowly over time. For others, several unexpected expenses seem to hit all at once. No matter the reason a person finds him or herself so deeply in debt that it seems impossible to get out, bankruptcy can potentially be a viable option. But how can a person in Connecticut figure out whether personal bankruptcy is the right decision? Here are a few things to consider.

Federal grand jury charges 11 for foreclosure help scams

The prospect of losing a home might feel like too much to bear for some Connecticut homeowners. However, foreclosure is not always a given. Many homeowners find success by negotiating with their lenders to modify their loans, and some can even benefit from methods such as short sales. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that try to take advantage of homeowners who are going through difficult periods in their lives.

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