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October 2019 Archives

Does holiday spending contribute to bankruptcy?

With the holiday season already gearing up, Connecticut consumers might be writing their gift lists and keeping an eye out for good sales. There is often a lot of pressure associated with the holidays, so many people feel the need to start getting ready early on. Unfortunately, that pressure can push some people even deeper into already difficult positions, leaving them drowning in debt. Even if this situation feels hopeless, bankruptcy could be an option.

The benefits of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

There is no such thing as an income limit for having too much debt. Even if you earn at or above the average wage in Connecticut, you might still be struggling to make all of your monthly payments while also meeting your basic needs. If due dates are flying by and you are on the receiving end of collection attempts and harassing creditors, it may be time to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Can bankruptcy treat our debt-related health problems?

Being in debt is stressful. Whether a person has only a small amount of debt or is drowning in bills and collection notices, it is simply a hard situation. In addition to being hard, it could also be making people sick. According to one wellness expert, stressing over money affects people's health and puts them at risk for various diseases. Rather than compromise physical and emotional health, those who owe debt in Connecticut could consider bankruptcy instead.

Deciding whether bankruptcy is right for you

Facing financial struggles is not necessarily uncommon. Each year, many people in Connecticut will probably feel frustrated over an unexpected bill or a paycheck that was less than expected. These situations might only be brief, but for some people, the financial struggles never seem to end. While bankruptcy is often an effective solution to those struggles, deciding whether to file requires a careful evaluation of an individual's financial situation.

Will bankruptcy help get rid of my student loans?

Getting an education is a crucial step to finding a successful career, but doing so without going into debt can be nearly impossible. College graduates in Connecticut tend to leave school with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. With stagnant wages and perhaps less than ideal job opportunities, these individuals can quickly fall behind on their payments. Although student loans cannot be discharged in the vast majority of cases, bankruptcy can still be helpful.

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