How Is Student Loan Debt Handled?

Student loan debt is difficult, although not impossible, to forgive in bankruptcy. To have your student loan debt discharged, you must file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and meet several requirements. It is unlikely that your student loan debt will be forgiven. However, by filing bankruptcy and having other debts discharged or payment plans in place, it may become easier for you to pay your student loans.

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You Must File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy To Have Student Loan Debt Discharged

In addition to filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must prove that paying your student loan debt will cause an undue hardship on you and your dependents. An undue hardship may be found when the individual is unemployed, has a long-term medical condition or is trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Benefit You In Many Ways

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you enter a court-approved debt repayment plan that takes place over a three- to five-year time frame. The debt restructuring allows you to pay unsecured debt such as credit cards, mortgage arrears and tax debt. It reduces the amount of unsecured debt that you owe, which can result in more financial resources for you to pay your student loans. We may even be able to negotiate lower student loan payments on your behalf.

While you may not be able to discharge your educational debt, bankruptcy does offer you a way to stay on top of your student loans.

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