Understand The Foreclosure Mediation Process

Under Connecticut law, a bank cannot foreclose on a Connecticut residence unless the homeowner has an opportunity to meet with a mediator and the bank’s attorney to discuss loan modification. The purpose of the foreclosure mediation session is to try to reach a home loan modification agreement that will allow the homeowner to stay in his or her house and hopefully reduce monthly mortgage payments.

Foreclosure Mediation Gives You An Opportunity To Save Your Home

During a time when thousands of people are requesting foreclosure help, the foreclosure mediation program presents an excellent opportunity to get the attention of the mortgage companies. Homeowners who go through Connecticut’s foreclosure mediation program usually receive priority — not for getting a mortgage modification, but for having their applications for modification reviewed. If you are behind on your mortgage, foreclosure relief may be possible through Connecticut’s foreclosure mediation program.

“I’ve been able to use the foreclosure mediation program to help people who called me after they got judgments of foreclosure and notices in the mail saying they would lose their homes in five days. In some circumstances, the foreclosure judge will approve a petition from the homeowner for inclusion into the foreclosure mediation program.”
— Stratford and Bridgeport foreclosure prevention attorney Tim Pletter

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When Do I Need To Request Foreclosure Mediation?

  • If you have received foreclosure papers in the mail (formally called a summons and complaint), look for the “return date” on the papers. Your attorney should request foreclosure mediation within 15 days of that date.
  • It may be possible to enter the foreclosure mediation program even very late in the process. If you miss the 15-day deadline, or even the court has issued the foreclosure judgment and you are facing an auction or bank repossession within the week, we may be able to help.

How Long Will The Mediation Process Last?

This question is harder to answer because it depends on each homeowner’s individual financial circumstances. Your first mediation date will usually occur within two to three weeks after you request mediation. Originally, the mediation sessions lasted 60 to 90 days, but in reality many sessions last six or even eight months.

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