Bankruptcy Dos And Don’ts

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Below is a list of common dos and don’ts for filing bankruptcy. To learn more about how bankruptcy may be an option in your specific situation, call 203-502-7436 or contact our law firm online. We offer clients services that are tailored to meet their individual needs and goals.


  • Ask for help. Seek advice and guidance from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer before your situation becomes too difficult and overwhelming. Taking action sooner rather than later can actually help you save your credit, as well as possibly save your home and possessions.
  • Have an attorney help you do a title search on your home. This can reveal any judgment liens on the home, which can complicate your ability to file bankruptcy.


  • Do not try and use up every dollar of credit limit before you see a bankruptcy attorney. This could lead to a red flag on your account and potential fraud accusations. Try to avoid maxing out your credit cards.
  • Do not continue banking with a bank to which you owe money.
  • Do not pay large sums of money back to family or friends before you file. A bankruptcy trustee can look back 12 months to see any transactions that have occurred.
  • Do not make any transfers of money or other assets out of your name. The bankruptcy trustee can look back four years to see any transfers that have been made.
  • Do not make a large withdrawal from your 401(k) before you speak to an attorney. The means test is used to determine if you are eligible to file bankruptcy and a withdrawal from your 401(k) is considered income. This may unintentionally inflate your income and make you ineligible for bankruptcy.

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